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Help a socially anxious lady to make it through a day at her office job without having a panic attack.

You Gotta Be Kitten Me

You play as a mutant cat attempting to escape from the A.C.F .

Black Market Crackdown

Risk your Life Force to become a black market space merchant and deliver contraband to the people who need it the most!

Bed Dead Redemption

A villainous cowboy breaks into a smarthome and tries to take a nap in the owner’s bed.

Zero-Footprint Society

Mega-corporation ZantoCorp to track and monitor all of the citizens of New Atlantica City.

Gnosis Disperitus

Join Anselm on his quest to become a guardian for a beautiful goddess!

ModeaJet Grand Resort

The C.E.O. of the Cloning Mega Corp, Human Perfect, has been murdered at the ModeaJet Grand Resort.

The Shutdown

The Shutdown is a strategic RPG with an original soundtrack.

Planet Or Die

Scientists continually change their definitions as they refine their understand of the world..