Help a socially anxious lady to make it through a day at her office job without having a panic attack.

Learn how to fight your inner demons by finding healthy ways to discover comfort in a busy and crazy world! You’ll encounter various demons inside her “mind forest”, use the environment to push them away and get back to the office.

Submission for LDJam 46.
Created in 72 hours by Enigma Dragons Jam Squad and in collaboration with MLC using Unity.

Angst Game Trailer – Ludum Dare 46 Game Jam Entry

From Game Play


” Really liked your game. What an awesome effort from your team. Clearly well polished and a great execution of the theme. “
– by Rixium

” Well that’s an impressive quantity of work, especially for the graphics part, you don’t often see this quality of visual in gamejam. Very polished congratulation. “
– by Benjouille

“The game was really fun to play and I liked the dialogue. I was stunned when I saw the blackout-world. The sounds are really fitting and create a great atmosphere. Really liked the contrast between the work tune and the nightmarish soundscape. Would love to finish the game “
– by DrSkort

” Just played your game! really had fun in terms of finding stuff in the other zone. The journal gave it more depth and would like to see more of it. “
– by Theotic Games

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