Bed Dead Redemption

A villainous cowboy breaks into a smarthome and tries to take a nap in the owner’s bed.

The home-owner’s smart appliances attempt to fend off the cowboy. Enjoy a humor-ridden adventure build for Card Players! Play against your friend and switch off playing as the cowboy or the house, or play against a challenging AI enemy.

Submission for Global Game Jam 2019.
Created in 48hours by Enigma Dragons Jam Squad using MONOGAME.

Game Screen

From Game Play


” Certainly has a feel of quality about it, from the mechanics to the visuals and audio. “
– by Karob

” Its visually stunning, the music is great, and as enemies come and go the audio transitions feel clean. “
– by XeduR

“I absolutely love the aesthetic of the game. The UI, the levels, the characters. The setting is spot-on.”
– by Ekaterina

” Mainly though, I enjoyed the wacky and hilarious themes throughout Bed Dead Redemption “
– by Purrseus 

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