Deep Cover

You’re the world’s most charismatic super spy. You masterfully tell lies but if your lies don’t add up together, your enemies will become suspicious!

Carefully craft your narrative, as your lies and covers go deeper and deeper. You will have to infiltrate deeper and deeper into villainous lairs, or else the worlds leaders may end up going deeper and deeper into hypnosis.

Submission for Ludum Dare
Created by Enigma Dragons Jam Squad using UNITY.

Game Screen

From Game Play


” Really love the story and writing! Great game. “
– by Panacea 

” Loved the writing! Also music and art style are superb. “
– by MadHumster 

“Great art & funny dialogue. I thought I was good when I got past airport security, but got caught by the Cane Man. Nothing can get by the Cane Man.”
– by Amanda Gallant

” Excellent game! I loved how I got the man with the cane to think the other dude was the spy. Very engaging and fun story. This is a solid submission. “
– by Jordan Ottesen

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