Gnosis Disperitus

Join Anselm on his quest to become a guardian for a beautiful goddess! .

Help him face unexpected threats as the wheels of time move ever onwards.
Journey with him as he explores a world that is complex and unfamiliar. Confront a villain who may cause you to question your own sanity.

Submission for Indie Game Maker Contest 2017.
Created in One Month by Enigma Dragons Jam Squad using RPG Maker MV and Yanfly Engine and MogHunter.

Game Screen

From Game Play


” The combination of well-balanced battles, interesting puzzles and a quirky villain made for a rather engaging game.”
– by Judge

” The battles were a lot of fun, too, due to the skills you could learn.
Puzzles were interesting and built up on each other over time.”
– by Kyattchan

” The oil painting effect looks great so long as it does not look like an effect overlayed on what was obviously a plain picture to start with”
– by StefanosM

” I really like this concept! The audio and graphics really work together well and the overall atmosphere is great. I do agree that the combat was a bit rough and I couldn’t land a shot to save my life, but if that got reworked a little bit I could see myself sinking hours into this game. Good work! “
– by Somogy

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