Infiltrator GO

Infiltrator GO is a first-person Cyberpunk adventure set in New Delphia City. While hanging around at home with crippling piles of debt, you receive an App Invite that has the potential to change your life and turn your fate around.

This game is a prototype, that may become a full project, depending on feedback from the community. Please comment on the game lettings us know if you liked the general experience, what parts your enjoyed, and what you didn’t like. With your feedback, we can make the Cyberpunk adventure game of your dreams!

Created by Enigma Dragons Jam Squad using UNITY.

Game Screen

From Game Play


” I like the attitude of the character’s comments, the gameplay is good. “
– by Ingix

” Its visually stunning, the music is great, and as enemies come and go the audio transitions feel clean. “
– by XeduR

“I absolutely love the aesthetic of the game. The UI, the levels, the characters. The setting is spot-on.”
– by Ekaterina

” Mainly though, I enjoyed the wacky and hilarious themes throughout Bed Dead Redemption “
– by Purrseus 

Let’s Play