Planet Or Die

You are Stilles 33, the tiniest planet. Scientists continually change their definitions as they refine their understand of the world.

Pluto used to be a planet. Eris used to be a planet. Your classification as a planet is now at risk! Use powerful rhetoric and all the best logical fallacies to outwit your opponent and convince an impartial academic crowd that you are actually a planet.

Submission for LDJam 38.
Created in 72 hours by Enigma Dragons Jam Squad using Unity.

Game Screen

LDJam38 2017

Top 3% Overall
3rd Place Humor

From Game Play


” Like your game, especially the visual component.Reminded me of the good old days when I spent a lot of time playing Galaxy on Fire/Freelancer. But combat mechanics could use some polish. Keep it up! “
– by Sleepqt 

” It sounds like most of my complaints about this are things that others have brought up or are already fixed in the post-compo version. That being said, I really like the Star Fox-style combat and the upgrade system (although I couldn’t make it far enough to really feel an impact). The art and sound were solid. I wanted to hear more of some of the music tracks, which is a good thing “
– by atmospherium

” Very starfox/kingdom hearts gummi ship. I like the customisation. Visuals are consistent along with the audio. Difficult and somewhat slow to start. Good job! “
– by Spiffy

” I really like this concept! The audio and graphics really work together well and the overall atmosphere is great. I do agree that the combat was a bit rough and I couldn’t land a shot to save my life, but if that got reworked a little bit I could see myself sinking hours into this game. Good work! “
– by Kaitlin Quick

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