The Interview

In this story, you end up with the opportunity of a lifetime. You have a chance to prove yourself, get your very first job, and begin to whittle away at your massive pile of crippling debt.

Play as Emery Jonkinson, a smart, highly educated individual in New Delphia City in 2419. Megacorporations rule the world. Automation has so completely changed the job market that very few humans even have the opportunity to have jobs. Most live in incredible poverty.

Submission for Sim Jam
Created by Enigma Dragons Jam Squad using UNITY.

Game Screen

From Game Play


” Uau! On the intro sequence alone you got me. The work that went into this is incredible! Very well done! “
– by securas

” Its visually stunning, the music is great, and as enemies come and go the audio transitions feel clean. “
– by XeduR

“I absolutely love the aesthetic of the game. The UI, the levels, the characters. The setting is spot-on.”
– by Ekaterina

” Mainly though, I enjoyed the wacky and hilarious themes throughout Bed Dead Redemption “
– by Purrseus 

Let’s Play