The Shutdown

The Shutdown is a strategic RPG with an original soundtrack.

A corrupt visionary has created a powerful drug that has radically changed the nature of humanity. He has installed his own government to supply people with this drug and teaches them to use it as currency. It makes people stronger, faster, and smarter, but makes them lose their minds. You must fight back against the corruption and free your countrymen!

Submission for Ludum Dare 39.
Created in 72 hours by Enigma Dragons Jam Squad using RPG Maker MV and Yanfly Engine.

Game Screen

From Game Play


” Like your game, especially the visual component.Reminded me of the good old days when I spent a lot of time playing Galaxy on Fire/Freelancer. But combat mechanics could use some polish. Keep it up! “
– by Sleepqt 

” It sounds like most of my complaints about this are things that others have brought up or are already fixed in the post-compo version. That being said, I really like the Star Fox-style combat and the upgrade system (although I couldn’t make it far enough to really feel an impact). The art and sound were solid. I wanted to hear more of some of the music tracks, which is a good thing “
– by atmospherium

” Very starfox/kingdom hearts gummi ship. I like the customisation. Visuals are consistent along with the audio. Difficult and somewhat slow to start. Good job! “
– by Spiffy

” I really like this concept! The audio and graphics really work together well and the overall atmosphere is great. I do agree that the combat was a bit rough and I couldn’t land a shot to save my life, but if that got reworked a little bit I could see myself sinking hours into this game. Good work! “
– by Kaitlin Quick

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